Anchorage horse boarding

South Anchorage's Affordable Horse Boarding and Stables

A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal... Proverbs 12:10


That "Tucked away" feeling conveniently located in Anchorage

Ken and Bobbi Outten have been located here since 2017.  We have quickly come to love this amazingly peaceful and quiet atmosphere.  The property has a wilderness feel, yet conveniently located in South Anchorage’s horse country.

We love visitors!

We invite you to take a picture tour of the property to get a feel of the barn and surrounding area.  After taking a look around, feel free to contact us to schedule a time to come out and explore in person.

Anchorage horse boarding

Barn and Stalls

Our barn is a 50′ by 40′ facility with interior, individual stalls that are 12′ by12′.  The center breezeway is wide and spacious with plenty of room to move horses in and out of the barn.  Each stall has a paneled outside run that is 12′ by 20′.  All stalls have rubber matting.  For those who opt for full boarding we provide all pine shavings and pine pellets for bedding. Each stall is provided an electric water bucket.  We have both “neighbor friendly” stalls that allow stall neighbors to see each other, as well as completely private stalls.


Our riding arena is directly accessed from the barn.  It is approximately 200′ long and 100′ wide.  There are three access gates to the arena as well.  Horses are turned out daily.  Our 60′ round-pen is quite portable and we periodically set it up in the arena to accommodate training and ground work.


We have limited pasture for grazing on site.  Our preference for turning horses out to pasture is either in a round pen we rotate around the pasture, or on lead.  Our pasture has a little bit of everything in it.  Grass, clover and tasty dandelions.  Our pasture is not currently fenced in, so pasturing must either be while enclosed or on lead.  Full boarded horses are turned out as possible or as available.

Some of the Winter scenes

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