Welcome to our new website!

We begin 2023 with a new website!

We are excited about the New Year.  2023 is full of promise and hope for our family and everyone we have the honor of being connected with at the barn.  A lot of changes have happened in six years.

We purchased this property in 2016 because of the barn.  It just so happened it came with a house for us to live in as well ;).  Our return to horse ownership had not yet begun…  In fact, the first animals that occupied the barn were our goats.  Soon after our goats arrived, the first horse came to stay with us – Topanga, a beautiful Arab mare from Nikiski.  Then the second arrived –  our kids’ and grandkids’ new feisty pony, Luna.  The remaining stalls in our little 8-stall barn filled up quickly and before the end of the year, our barn was full.

Since then, we have watched a few horses come and go, and that is the hard part of boarding.  We spend a considerable amount of time caring for all the horses which means we bond with each one of them.  When they leave it’s hard for us.  I suppose one way to remedy that is to own more horses!  We have transitioned from owning only 1 horse in the barn to owning most of them, with just three remaining as boarders.

horseback riding lessons outten ridin ranchIn 2022 we began to offer horseback riding lessons.  Bobbi had received consistent requests for lessons over the years, but other needs took up her/our time.  We finally decided to do a “try it” and began offering limited lessons this past summer.  We experienced such a huge demand for lessons that we continue to offer lessons today with an ever-growing waitlist.  We are enjoying a mix of clientele t ranging from young children to adults, developing their love of horses and riding skills that hopefully stick with them for life.

Our website

Our website has been instrumental in connecting us with the community. It is designed by Alaska Web Studio, both our old site and our new site.

With all the changes we have gone through, it was fitting our website get a fresh new look.  Our new website is faster and performs even better than the previous one.  We will continue to integrate more of what we do into our website as time goes on.  One of the changes we will start adding is archived newsletters. That way, if there was something you missed, you can easily go back and read it without having to search through your stack of emails!  We hope you find our website informative with easy-to-access information.

We want to wish everyone a very blessed 2023 and we will see you at the barn!